How to Link to Headings in Markdown

I use Jekyll and I wanted to make all of my headings linkable.

In HTML you can achieve this with a simple link to an element on the same page, except that the link would be self-referencing — for example:

<h2 id="my-heading">
  <a href="#my-heading">My Heading</a>

In Markdown, it is equivalent to:

## [My Heading](#my-heading)

This works because Kramdown, the default Markdown renderer for Jekyll, automatically adds id attributes, using a slugified version of your heading text. So, for example:

### Some text

Conveniently gets rendered as:

<h3 id="some-text">Some text</h3>

Appending a symbol to the heading

Often times I’ve seen a # symbol, or maybe a link symbol (🔗) either at the beginning or at the end of the heading.

Consider this example I found on the web:

<h3 id="example-1">
  <a aria-hidden="true" href="#example-1" hidden>#</a>

I think hiding the symbol to assistive tech makes a lot of sense — it is more of a presentational thing, after all. However, decorative things like this don’t have to belong to the HTML — they can be defined in CSS, like:

h3::after {
  content: ' #';

Even better, you can make it appear only on hover, or when there is a link. Ultimately I settled with this for my blog:

h2:hover > a::after,
h3:hover > a::after {
    content: ' #';

I’m unsure what’s best practice here, but it just seems very convenient to be able to link to any section of a document in general. Ultimately I don’t think it matters too much, but MDN makes the whole heading a link, and again, the symbol at the end of it is just presentational and should ideally be hidden for accessibility.

A future optimization

It would be cool to be able to keep writing regular headings - i.e. if ## My Heading would automatically turn into a link. I think this could be done by configuring Kramdown, or maybe via a plugin. If you find a way to enable this, please let me know in the comments below!

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