Fushi PHP Boilerplate Released!

Fushi PHP Boilerplate logoHooray! I just released the version 0.8 of my very own PHP framework / boilerplate.

It has a lot of interesting features: it comes with a simple but powerful template system, as well as a secure and object-oriented backend engine. It’s also studied to be user friendly and SEO friendly. It’s based on the popular HTML5 Boilerplate.

I’ve been using it for some of my projects since march 2012. I surely can’t say Fushi is versatile like Smarty or mature like CodeIgniter; I’m not even sure on what design pattern it actually implements (update: found it: Front Controller Pattern). But I can say I successfully deployed some nice web applications based on Fushi, from the real estate agency to the musician’s website. This demonstrates that Fushi can be used in a large variety of projects, small and big.

Fushi is open source software released under the MIT license, so feel free to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute and contribute to this project. Fushi was initially born on december 14, 2011, with the sole purpose of learning new programming techniques; but now, months of hard work are at your disposal. Try it, and you won’t regret.

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