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Open Source Projects

Here's a selection of cool projects I've worked on, in no particular order.


CLI tool for sending newsletters based on a RSS feed.

  • Go


Virtual game cartridges for PICO-8 fantasy console.

  • Lua


The most minimalist presentation software ever made.

  • JavaScript

elm new

CLI tool, generates a project scaffolding for rapid prototyping of Elm apps.

  • Elm


Publish/Subscribe utility module.

  • Elixir


Database Server and REPL inspired by Redis.

  • Rust


A simple load balancer written in Node.js.

  • JavaScript

elm timer

A clock UI component written in Elm.

  • Elm

elm double folding pattern

A demo credit card form built using an innovative architectural pattern.

  • Elm

elm maru

A web application with Elixir in the backend and Elm in the frontend.

  • Elixir
  • Elm


An implementation of the official WebSocket API using Node.js.

  • JavaScript

phoenix elm users

A classic CRUD user management application, written in Elixir and Elm.

  • Elixir
  • Elm

elm simon

Simon memory game in Elm.

  • Elm

elm github api

Get user information from GitHub's API.

  • Elm


The classic Atari game, playable in the browser.

  • JavaScript

npm strap

An npm frontend project starting template, using npm itself as a build tool.

  • JavaScript

frontend env vars

Environment variables in the browser.

  • Bash
  • JavaScript


A framework for building snappy websites.

  • PHP

expression parser

A command-line Ruby algebraic equation tokenizer / solver.

  • Ruby

laravel rest

Sample implementation of Ruby on Rails's RESTful architecture, built in PHP.

  • PHP


Stand-alone RESTful application for newsletter campaign management.

  • PHP

real time web chat

Chat server and client built with Node,, Express and MongoDB.

  • JavaScript

stackoverflow users search

Rails app that uses StackOverflow's API to search for users.

  • Ruby

game of life

John Conway's Game of Life, written in DOM JavaScript.

  • JavaScript

rabbit amqp

Elixir Client that listens for RabbitMQ messages and saves them in OrientDB.

  • Elixir


A simple To-Do list for Android, also on Google Play.

  • Java
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